The SilkRoute team has been building advanced self-service analytics software for more than a decade. With a solutions suite that has been deployed across three continents, SilkRoute delivers a level of maturity and capability that is unparalleled in the industry.

SilkRoute advanced analytics solutions provide rapid time-to value. Our architecture allows us to implement on behalf of even the largest and most complex customers within sixty days.

The Team

We are a passionate team of dreamers, designers, machine learning scientists and software engineers with tremendous industry knowledge of Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail. We live for solving big problems. We leverage our combined creativity, innovation and efficiency aimed at creating a better world.
Robert Ervin Robert

Senior Software Engineer

Tom Bond Tom

Senior VMI/SBT Analyst & Account Manager

Adam Moy Adam

Chief Technology Officer

Dimitris Bertsimas Dimitris

Chief Scientist

Paul Steele Paul

Software Engineer

Mark McInnes Mark

Senior Data Scientist

Steve Hanna Steve

Director of Customer Implementations & Analytics

Katie Williams Katie

Senior Software Engineer

Peter Fishman Peter

VP of New Product Introduction & Customer Integration (VMI/SBT)

Megan Spencer Megan

VMI/SBT Analyst

David Wodecki David

Junior Business Analyst

Rob Wonnacott Rob

Senior VMI/SBT Analyst

Christian Vespa Christian

Software Engineer

Taleb Alashkar Taleb

Computer Vision Scientist

Nikki Hallgrimsdottir Nikki

VP of Growth and Customer Success

Daniel Wodecki Daniel

Junior Business Analyst

Patrick Hamrick Patrick

Senior VMI/SBT Analyst

Cindy Steinhauser Cindy

Director of Customer Implementations & Analytics

Jayne Salembier Jayne

VP of VMI/SBT Customer Solutions

Indar Rathore Indar

Technical Lead

Devin Duden Devin

Chief Technology Officer of OmniSky/Enterprise Cloud Architect/Senior Software Engineer

Angie Bocaj Angie

VMI/SBT Analyst

Amjad Hussain Amjad


Scott Sellers Scott

VP of VMI/SBT Services & Demand Planning

Sanjay Kulkarni Sanjay

Director of B2B Integration

Clayton Rocker Clayton

Senior Software Engineer

Tammy Stark Tammy

Vice President of Retail Solutions

Tina Browe Tina

Senior VMI/SBT Analyst & Account Manager

Jason Kummerl Jason

Vice President of Advanced Technologies Solutions

Steve Caldwell Steve

Multi-Media Engineer