The SilkRoute team has been building advanced self-service analytics software for more than a decade. With a solutions suite that has been deployed across three continents, SilkRoute delivers a level of maturity and capability that is unparalleled in the industry.

SilkRoute advanced analytics solutions provide rapid time-to value. Our architecture allows us to implement on behalf of even the largest and most complex customers within sixty days.

The Team

We are a passionate team of dreamers, designers, machine learning scientists and software engineers with tremendous industry knowledge of Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail. We live for solving big problems. We leverage our combined creativity, innovation and efficiency aimed at creating a better world.
Adam Moy Adam

Chief Technology Officer

Sanjay Kulkarni Sanjay

Director of B2B Integration

Tina Browe Tina

Senior VMI/SBT Analyst & Account Manager

Indar Rathore Indar

Technical Lead

Nikki Hallgrimsdottir Nikki

VP of Growth and Customer Success

Dimitris Bertsimas Dimitris

Chief Scientist

Jayne Salembier Jayne

VP of VMI/SBT Customer Solutions

Rob Wonnacott Rob

Senior VMI/SBT Analyst

Tammy Stark Tammy

Vice President of Retail Solutions

David Wodecki David

Junior Business Analyst

Steve Caldwell Steve

Multi-Media Engineer

Taleb Alashkar Taleb

Computer Vision Scientist

Robert Ervin Robert

Senior Software Engineer

Christian Vespa Christian

Software Engineer

Cindy Steinhauser Cindy

Director of Customer Implementations & Analytics

Patrick Hamrick Patrick

Senior VMI/SBT Analyst

Scott Sellers Scott

VP of VMI/SBT Services & Demand Planning

Jason Kummerl Jason

Vice President of Advanced Technologies Solutions

Steven Blough Steven

Senior Software Engineer

Daniel Wodecki Daniel

Junior Business Analyst

Steve Hanna Steve

Director of Customer Implementations & Analytics

Megan Spencer Megan

VMI/SBT Analyst

Devin Duden Devin

Chief Technology Officer of OmniSky/Enterprise Cloud Architect/Senior Software Engineer

Peter Fishman Peter

VP of New Product Introduction & Customer Integration (VMI/SBT)

Amjad Hussain Amjad


Paul Steele Paul

Software Engineer

Mark McInnes Mark

Senior Data Scientist

Tom Bond Tom

Senior VMI/SBT Analyst & Account Manager

Angie Bocaj Angie

VMI/SBT Analyst

Katie Williams Katie

Senior Software Engineer

Clayton Rocker Clayton

Senior Software Engineer